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Manoj Kumar wants to sue SRK (Updates)

I am a peace-loving man. I don't like 'goonda'ism otherwise by now the film's banners and posters would have been torn," says Manoj Kumar.

Dil mein mere hai dard ... is what '70s star Manoj Kumar is feeling after seeing Om Shanti Om .

While the chorus from the hit number dard-e-disco in the Shah Rukh Khan-starrer is sizzling screens across the country, a scene from the film has made the thespian hot under the collar.

So hot, in fact, that he wants to sue the filmmaker and Shah Rukh for "a clear-cut defamation and deliberate attempt to humiliate" him.

"I am hurt. Shah Rukh Khan has injured my soul. It's a conspiracy to humiliate and ridicule me. This is not filmmaking...My devotion to filmdom for the last 50 years has been insulted," said the Purab Aur Paschim star who had turned patriotism into an art on celluloid. He was referring to the 70's scene in OSO where his young double is beaten by police outside a theatre when he lands up for a premiere.

"Are the Mumbai police so stupid that they can't recognise Manoj Kumar and lathicharge him in the '70s when he was a star? It doesn't stop there. Inside the theatre too, the scene continues in the same vein. At another place where Shah Rukh is shown giving a mock thank-you speech in a drunken state, he says he is Manoj Kumar...," Kumar told TOI on Thursday, less than a week after 'OSO' hit the screens.

"If it was for humour it was okay, but to do it like this showed bad taste," he added. "A junior artist told me he had played my double. About two months back when I met Farah Khan I told her that if she had asked me I would have gladly appeared in the film. But she said it was only a double to portray him in '70s scene for a film premiere.

She was very respectful. She also said I looked lean and fit. I told her I was exercising. I even spoke to her husband." Kumar, who had won two Filmfare Awards in quick succession in 1972 and 1974 for Be-imaan (best actor) and Roti, Kapda Aur Makaan (best director), said though he has never celebrated his silver, gold or diamond jubilee he was "not a man to keep quiet when someone is hitting below the belt".

He said, "I am a peace-loving man. I don't like goondaism otherwise by now the film's banners and posters would have been torn."

Swati Deshpande, TNN


They are criminals," Manoj Kumar told CNN-IBN.

Director Farah Khan's Om Shanti Om is being lapped up by the audience but there is someone who's hasn’t quite appreciated the humour in the movie.

Veteran actor Manoj Kumar is so agitated that he has threatened to sue the filmmaker and actor Shah Rukh Khan for what he alleges is “a conspiracy to humilitate and ridicule me”.

"People who make such movies do not know the meaning of respect and decency. They are criminals," Manoj Kumar told CNN-IBN.

The actor who gave a new definition to patriotism on celluloid says that the scene in Om Shanti Om where his young double is shown being beaten up by the police outside a theatre is done in bad taste.

In yet another scene, Shah Rukh is shown giving a mock thank-you speech in a drunken state and later saying he's Manoj Kumar.

The veteran, also known as Bharat Kumar, has lashed out at director Farah Khan saying, “This is not film making”.

Om Shanti Om, Farah Khan’s second directorial venture after Main Hoon Na, hit screens across India on November 9 with a big Diwali bang. The film stars newcomer Deepika Padukone opposite Shah Rukh Khan.

Irrespective of what Manoj Kumar, Bollywood Bharat and star of the yester years and his supporters’ bitter feelings about Shahrukh’s Om Shanti Om, where he claims to have been hurt, it is important to bring to his attention on his own film ‘Kalyug Ki Ramayan’, wherein he had insulted Hanuman Ji.

There were several cases against him and one of them was Swamy Raj Baldev, who filed a case against him in New Delhi, on behalf of Academy of Krishna Philosophy for banning the screening of his film ‘Kalyug Ki Ramayan’.

People may call Manoj Kumar as Bharat of Bollywood, but Swamy Raj, who fought against the mud that he had slung and tossed on the Hindu Divine Beings, says that it is not a serious matter of the altitude that Manoj has taken upon himself.

When Swamy Raj Baldev had instituted case against him for banning of his film “Kalyug Ki Ramayan’, he instructed his distributors to purchase Swamy Raj Baldev, and they did contact him, but Swamy Raj rejected the offer and got the objectionable scene screened in the court itself.

However, Manoj Kumar managed to purchase some advocate to delay the proceeding, so that he could continue screening his picture in cinemas in Delhi and New Delhi. But Swamy Raj, who is also a spiritual figure, and a greater Astronomer and Astrologer, could predict his downfall.

Manoj Kumar insulted Hanuman Ji in his picture ‘Kalyug Ki Ramayan’, where had his sense of dignity then gone?

Swamy Raj Baldev is not an ordinary man, he is man who has been invited by various Heads of States on official invitations. He is also known as Dr. Raj Baldev, he is internationally known as Cosmo Theorist and Chairman of various national and international organizations, including National Integration Assembly (NIA). Even he has been the Member of the Press Council of India, he knows law, he has been a man of letters, with journalistic background.

We requested Swamy Raj Baldev to see the picture ‘Om Shanti Om’, and comment. He concluded that the case of Manoj Kumar is just a case of jealousy, since the picture was not serious but an entertainer. As regards the pointer to Manoj Kumar, it was just a character and not actual Major Kumar, the film has just a casual mention doesn’t mean that Major Kumar was insulted.

Om Shanti Om has surpassed all other entertaining movies because of various factors including Shah Rukh Khan’s own super acting, and participation of several Bollywood stars appearing in this great movie.

The grand success of this movie has naturally made millions jealous of this unparalleled popularity and in this movie, Manoj Kumar, the star of the yesteryears, whom people call Bharat of Bollywood, has come out that he has been hurt and humiliated in the film and would like to sue SRK and Farah Khan, it is a big joke, he could get good publicity, which has been missing for years.

Swamy Raj said, “It is a stunt of publicity of Manoj Kumar, who disgraced deities in Kalyug Ki Ramayan’. People should not take serious what he says. If he sues SRK or Farah Khan, I shall stand witness and expose what Manoj Kumar is and how hypocrite he is? If Manoj Kumar insults Hindu deities in his picture ‘Kalyug Ki Ramayan’ there is no objection from his side, but when SRK used only one name similar to his in his picture OSO he has brought hue and cry to gain cheap popularity.

In fact he is a senior artist and should not have acted in this undesirable manner and take the scene of the picture in good faith”.

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