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Marketing as a tool in promoting the films

Marketing as a tool is considered to be successful if it is able to highlight the unconventional and make it the selling point and the USP and this is the basic edifice on which marketing is governed. Were one to analyze and undertake the comparisons between SAAWARIYA and OM SHANTI OM from this perspective, OSO has emerged as a perfect success as a marketing tool, and it would indeed be studied from this perspective in the near future.

This is clearly evident from the fact that Shahrukh Khan still continues to promote OSO on whatever occasions he can grace, as he has been doing through various cricket matches around the countryside and different parts of the world where India has been playing. It is altogether a different matter that the same has unnecessarily raised an unsavory controversy.

The song in which all the film stars till date could congregate has been brought together and has been positioned as the USP of the film from the day on which the promos of OSO were launched. The saviness of Shahrukh in marketing the product aka OSO was evident from the smart comment that he made while giving an interview to after the final one day match between India and Pakistan at Jaipur. With a mischievous glint in his eyes Shahrukh told Rameej Raja that when people are bored of watching a test match should come over to a cinema hall to watch OSO. For SAAWARIYA the marketing effort of this variety was not made in the same magnitude as it was done by OSO though it has been reported that more than Rs.50 crores had been earmarked for promotion of SAAWARIYA.

Now contrast this with SAAWARIYA. While Salman Khan was an integral part of the film he was never marketed in the manner in which he should have been. After the first round of publicity when it became evident that the film needs some further prop this tool could have been highlighted. Salman after all he has his captive audience.

Second aspect of the film that could have been highlighted is the fact that it is a love story between a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl. The films made on these themes are very few, and if a director has taken this courage to do it, this fact should have been highlighted. This is owing to the fact that the past films of this variety, BOMBAY, DIL SE and GADAR were a resounding success, and in the second line of marketing effort this could have been thought of as the strategy to reposition the film.

SAAWARIYA is a work of art, where something different has been attempted in terms of the choice of colours and the contours and this needs to have been brought out in a detailed motif. This could be the first film where blue colour has been chosen as the motif in the background, and to make the audience accept the same this is also an aspect that could have been used to position the film.

Marketing after all is the ability to make the product stand out in the crowd and have a distinct entity in the clutter, and to do so unconventional is what has to be highlighted. The mediums of multitude available as option need to be tapped, and occasions need to be capitalized on to sell the product. After all it is marketing that goes on to decide the destiny of the product.

Enkayaar, Bollywood Trade News Network

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    its a bautifull film. i like its song, and i like king khan. i am his bigest friend. he is cool film
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    Anonymous said...
    All Myself and My Family were staying at the same hotel in Dubai as Sharukh and his family, he was also there with Chunky Pandey. We sat next to these guys at the swimming pool. Was quite dissapointed they didn't speak to us or look at us We saw them quite alot.
    September 27, 2007 8:40 AM

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    Om Shanti Om the biggest Movie of the year 2007.
    Shahrukh u are the king.
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    SRK You Rocks Forever
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    Cool Trailer............
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